40 of the Most Amazing Wedding Hairstyles for Your Big Day


Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and you want everything to go just right and it’s no different when it comes to your bridal beauty. You have everything figure out down to the lipstick you plan on wearing. Your hair is no different and there are lots of different decisions that need to be made. Should you keep your hair long or cut it for your big day? Leave the length down or pull it all up for an updo, or maybe even a little bit of both. Do you want a hairpiece, if so what kind of hairpiece. You can choose anything from a tiara to a flower clip, it all depends on the look you are going for. Next is deciding whether or not you are going to wear a veil, if so, then what kind of a veil and will it be covering your entire face? There are so many things to consider when it comes to your bridal look. But one thing is certain and that’s the plan to leave your husband breathless at the sight of you.

From the time you were a little girl you have dreamed of getting engaged and planning the perfect wedding. You thought of nothing but meeting the man of your dreams and being swept off your feet. You probably even wrote your names together on a notebook with a heart between them. Falling in love is an extraordinary feeling and when it comes time for your man to decide he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. At that moment there is no better feeling then showing off your ring to friends and family. But then the idea of planning your wedding comes crashing down and you know you have to get started immediately, planning everything for your big day.

Nothing could possibly go wrong on your big day. You have planned every detail to the point and you need it to be perfect. And why shouldn’t you? You deserve the best on your wedding day. Every bride deserves to have exactly the wedding of her dreams, nothing less will do. That’s where careful planning comes in. When it comes time to choose the hairstyle you want for your wedding day most everything else should have been decided at that point. Choosing the hairstyle is just one of the last finishing touches on your big day. You have carefully selected a venue, photographer and informed your friends who will be standing up on your special day. You have the perfect dress, your makeup appointment is set up, and now all you need is the perfect hair to put it all together. Choosing a hairstyle is no easy task. It takes time to find what you want and then to put it into practice.

Your excitement is mounting because you can’t remember being this happy. Nothing is more exciting in your life then your upcoming nuptials to the man of your dreams. You start looking through bridal magazines trying to determine what look you want for your big day. You scoured page after page of the magazine trying to decide exactly the way you should look for your day. Phew! Men really have it easy!

Every bride dreams of being her most beautiful on her wedding day and you shouldn’t expect anything less for yourself. Whether you are hiring a stylist or doing your bridal hair yourself you need some great ideas, a starting point. There are many styles to choose from whether you are looking for an updo or whether you want to leave your hair down. Short styles and long styles are available to meet anyone’s needs, all beautifully done.

Below you will find 7 tips on how to pick out the perfect hairstyle:

  1. It’s pointless to choose a hairstyle until you have first decided on your dress. Don’t even think about it or you will end up in a state of mass confusion especially when it comes time to see your hairstylist. The dress comes first no matter what and the rest will quickly fall into place after. Find a dress that make you feel like a million bucks and then decide on a hairstyle that will complement that look. It’s all about your dress so make that your starting point. If you are unsure about what style would be best for your dress then seek out a professional. Your stylist can even help you to decide on a hairstyle that will match the dress you choose.
  2. Be realistic about the hairstyle that you choose. Not everyone looks great in the same hairstyles and depending on the thickness of your hair some updos can be impossible to recreate. If you have fine hair then you are going to be limited in what you can have as a hairstyle, there’s really no other way around it. If your hair is fine then expecting an abundance of curls is not realistic for you, those girls would be better off in a more sleek style. Whatever you choose to do make sure that it goes well with the texture of your hair. Finding out the texture should be your starting point.
  3. Be flexible with the choices you have before you, don’t be stubborn about what you want. It might be a good idea to get the advice of a hairdresser to discuss what options you have to work with. Finding out at the last minute that your style will not work for you could be disastrous. Hairstylists specialize in wedding hair and can let you know what to expect and what styles would work best with the texture of your hair. Whether you choose to wear a veil or not will also come into consideration. These are the type of decisions that need to be made well in advance so that changes can be made if necessary.
  4. Choose a hairstyle that complements your dress without going overboard. You want your hair to look flawless but it needs to not be the focus point of the whole package. If your dress is elaborate then it might be best to choose a simpler hairstyle so as not to overwhelm your look. You don’t want to end up looking like you tried too hard, pictures do last forever after all. However if your dress is simple in itself then more can be done to your hair to make the completed look really pop. Just choose one or the other. There is no need to overdo everything about your look. Sometimes it’s best to allow your hair to take a backseat to your overall look if you have the gown of the century. After all it’s really the gown you want everyone to focus on, not necessarily the hairstyle you chose. Another thing to consider when choosing a hairstyle is to not change who you really are. Many people will get completely done up and look unrecognizable on their day. It’s more important for you to be yourself on your wedding day then to completely change your entire look. Your husband may think he showed up to the wrong wedding. Don’t completely change your look on your wedding day. You still want to look like yourself after all, just a more formal version of yourself.
  5. Always book a trial appointment with your stylist. I can’t stress enough just how important this is for the success of your hairstyle. Please don’t leave it until the last minute either or you could end up with a disaster. You don’t want to find out on the day of your wedding that your stylist is unable to do the look that you want. She may be a great stylist but that doesn’t mean she can do everything. Book a trial so that you have time to try out a few styles before your big day and find something you really like. That way when you arrive on your wedding day, you will feel confident that you are getting exactly what you asked for. By booking a trial you also have the opportunity to make any changes to the style if it’s not what you expected.
  6. Choosing to wear a veil will affect your choice of hairstyle as well. You may be a more traditional bride and decide that a veil is an absolute must or you may have decided to forgo tradition and skip the veil completely. These days it’s certainly not essential that you wear a veil at all so don’t feel pressured into it. Whether you choose to wear one or not there are plenty of hairstyles to suit each look.
  7. Dealing with short hair is a whole new ball game when it comes to choosing a wedding do. Many people picture long wavy looks or voluptuous buns with cascading curls when they think of their wedding hairstyle. But what if you don’t have the length to pull it off? You could get extensions but many brides these days are moving away from traditional looks and deciding to keep it short. No doubt you will be limited with your choices but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something fabulous for your day. If you choose to cut your hair before the wedding make sure to do it no later than 2 weeks before so that the newly cut edges have a chance to soften.

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle it can be one of the most important decisions that a bride can make. After all she has been thinking about it since the moment she got engaged. The bride’s hairstyle should not only reflect her personality but also her sense of style. It’s important she still feels like she looks herself or she will not be comfortable with her look at all. If you are going to a stylist make sure to pick a true professional so you can get the most perfect hairstyle for your important day.

Below are some of the best styles out there for your wedding day!

  1. This beautiful updo is sweet as much as it is easily accomplishment. You start off by curling the bottom of your long locks and pulling them up into a soft updo. It’s all pulled up in to the nape of your neck. Add some flowers and it softens the look into a gorgeous wedding do.


  1. If you are more into the vintage look then you would love to have this stunning updo. The blonde hair softens the overall look combining the curls with a sweeping part. There is a lot of volume to the piece that gives it a signature look. The red flower brings it all together and matches the lipstick perfectly creating a stunning contrast.


  1. This updo is elegant and something that would look beautiful with a ball gown of sorts. All the hair is pulled up in a soft bun. The braid around the top gives the bun a truly unique look. If you are looking for something special to complete your look this might be exactly what you are looking for.


  1. This look is all about elegance and sparkle. It would complement a dress made for royalty as its band and earrings to match just make the look all that more special. Everything about this updo is soft and precious. There is a lot of volume on the top and curls on the bottom all lifted up into the beautiful updo. Pair it with a band filled with gems and you will have the most memorable look on your special day.


  1. Another vintage look that starts with long hair and a braid. You can start by braiding your hair and then pulling it up into a circular pattern that is similar to that of how a bun would be set up. It’s a beautiful updo that gives a unique look to a standard bun. Pair it with a hairpiece and some baby’s breath and your look will be complete.


  1. This look is a gorgeous combination of soft locks and the perfect hairpiece. One does not go without the other. The hair is started with soft waves and then pulled up from the back. It’s completed with a sparkly Ivy hairpiece that sets the tone for the hairstyle.


  1. If you are looking to leave your hair down on your big day then this is one look that you are going to want to consider. It’s stunning with breathtaking soft curls that fall around the shoulders. It’s pulled up on either side, leaving some down or some up and secured with a floral headpiece.


  1. I can’t say enough good things about this gorgeous updo. It’s perfect in the fact that it’s soft and sits perfectly in place. The side braid is pulled up along with the updo to complete the do and give the look some sophistication. Add a halo of flowers and your wedding day look is finally complete.


  1. This updo is very unique if you want something different for your day. It’s pulled tightly to the side in a bun but also leaves a lot of length in the top of the hair. Add a veil to back and a jeweled piece to the side and you have a look that is truly one of a kind.


  1. A soft and beautiful updo that is an old-fashioned symbol if you are a traditional bride. Pullup the hair from the side and bring it to the back. Add some flowers and your look is complete.


  1. This is the kind of look that you would expect on Kate Middleton on her special day. It has an air of elegance so royal that you will have your guests feeling like they are in the presence of a princess. The updo itself is a very high bun that is set in some serious curls. There are no tendrils left down, every hair is perfectly in place. It can go with any style of lace or ball gown dress. The hair is left off the face to show off your true beauty and any special earrings you may have chosen.


  1. This stunning look would certainly complement a perfect beach wedding. You have a classic beach wave that trails down the back with the top layers pulled back to create a sophisticated yet sexy look. Add some large flowers to bring it all together and your look is completed.


  1. This is a partial updo that holds elegance for your special day. It’s an udo but it folds down almost as if it was left down but instead it’s curled underneath. It’s soft and loose pulled in from behind with a jeweled clip.


  1. This is another look that would be perfect for the beach. The curls are soft as well as the waves on the side. The curled bottom is pulled tightly underneath to complete the updo. There is plenty of volume on top to allow for a bump and it is finished with a halo of flowers.


  1. If you have very long hair or are thinking of adding extensions in for your big day this would be a gorgeous look to consider for your wedding day. Every inch of her hair is curled and bouncy. The curls are pulled up from behind and allowed to cascade to the side. The length of the hair makes the look considerably more alluring than if you were working with shorter hair. The bangs are loose in the front and finished off with a jeweled crown to complement the entire look.


  1. If you’re looking for something different for a more cultural wedding then these are some great choices to consider. Long side braids are the theme for these pictures with some added jewelry to go along with it. They are accessorized with crowns and jewels that give the air of royalty to the whole ensemble.


  1. This is truly a stunning example of what you can do with some jewels and serious volume. There is a lot of length with this look with some of the hair styled and pulled back. The jewel in the middle part is what sets the tone for the whole look creating something truly beautiful.


  1. Another elegant look fit for a Queen. It’s loose in the front with some gentle waves while the entire length is pulled up into a high bun. The whole look is curled to perfection. There is a jewel in the front if you choose to follow the trend. The flower in the back adds some brightness to the entire look.

18280116-wedding-hairstyle 19. I can’t say enough great things about how stunning this bride looks in her wedding day style. Deciding to leave the whole length down in some stunning cascading curls her hair is sure to be a hit. It’s parted slightly off centre with some incredible volume. The curls soften the whole look and brightens up her face. I love the look completely and think that it can be used with any style of dress. 19280116-wedding-hairstyle

  1. This is a touching vintage look that takes you back many eras. It’s a great look for short hair that doesn’t allow for an updo. Some curls create this look and bring a softness to the bride. The headpiece brings it all together with a flower and a short veil that sits upfront.


  1. This is a very different take on the updo for a wedding. Not only is the hair pulled up in the back but the sides are also curled over. Parted in the middle this look is very simple and not overdone. It’s a classic and sophisticated look.


  1. You will require a lot of hair to achieve this look. The hair is in abundance to achieve such a full bun. Whether you have the length or choose to add extensions this look is sure to have people talking. The look can be achieved by curling the full length of hair and fashioning it into a bun. The front is created with loose bangs that are tucked into the sides. It’s a great look for someone who wants a traditional and formal look.


  1. If you are looking for a more whimsical look try out this loose bun out for size. It’s held high on top of the head for a more dramatic effect. It’s very simple but the added flowers that surround the bun really pull it in to create a romantic look.


  1. This is a very polished bun if you want more sophistication in your life. The hair is left straight and slicked back into a ponytail. Those ends are curl with very loose curls and then fashioned into a bun. It’s not a hard hairstyle to achieve and it looks absolutely flawless. Add a hairpiece in to finish the look.


  1. This is a very casual and loose look for someone who doesn’t want to fuss much on their wedding day. It’s very reminiscent of the beach curl. It’s perfect for someone who has very long hair and wants to keep a portion of it down. It cascades down the back with soft waves and the top layers pulled back loosely. It’s finished off with a long hairpiece that also cascades down the back.


  1. What a stunning look this updo provides for a bride. It’s hard to take your eye away from something so beautiful. There is so much going on with this updo that it would complement a much simpler dress. The entire length of hair is tightly curled and then pulled back into a tight bun with criss-crossing braids stretching across the back. It’s a very unique look that catches the eye instantly. Complete the look with a beaded clip and you have a truly eye-catching updo.


  1. This is a very simple almost bohemian look that would suit someone who is very low maintenance. If you don’t like to fuss much with your hair then this is the style for you. The bride’s hair is curled in very loose waves and left down. It has a simple part in the middle and the waves are full around the bride’s face. Add a very large floral crown and it completes the look completely, giving it almost a fairy tale look to it.

View More: http://rachel-solomon.pass.us/mignonnehandmade 28. This look is a little more high maintenance and put together. Depending on the dress you have chosen you may be looking for something a little more formal than the last look. The front is loosely curled and tucked into the sides while the back is curled more tightly and pulled into a bun that fits snuggly to the back of her head. It’s a very classy look that needs no veil or hairpiece to show it off. 28280116-wedding-hairstyle

  1. This is a very soft look that reminds of a fairy hairdo. This would also be a great look for a beach wedding. The hair is whimsically placed together randomly and without care. There are selective braids throughout the updo that give it character. One braid is wrapped around the front of her head almost in a headband fashion. There are various flowers throughout the updo giving it a romantic feel.


  1. This stunning look would certainly complement a perfect beach wedding. You have a classic beach wave that trails down the back with the top layers pulled back to create a sophisticated yet sexy look. Add some large flowers to bring it all together and your look is completed.


  1. This is a gorgeous look if you prefer to leave your hair down. There is a lot of volume to this look that really brings the beauty out of the look. She has a side part with a strong bang and her long hair is curled in long voluptuous waves that frame her face perfectly. Add a jeweled band and you have the perfect look for your big day.


  1. Another great look for someone looking for a long hair look. This one shows the hair partially up and some of it down. The length trails down her back in luscious curls. The top layers are pulled back allowing for a look of loose waves. It’s clipped in the back but there isn’t any need for extra pieces in the hair.


  1. This look is a truly graceful and classy updo. The back and the sides are pulled up but it’s done very loosely you give an overall softening affect. It’s not overdone at all and the choice to add an accessory is up to you but the look stands on its own without one.


  1. With this long layered look it appears as if more hair has been pulled back than has been left down. The curls were created loosely so they fall magically around her shoulders with the entire top layers of her hair pulled back into a clip. Everything about the look is loose and causal, not overdone but yet so beautiful. This is another look that can be pulled off without the use of a hairpiece or veil.


  1. This look is stylish and well put together. All those loose and cascading curls are breathtaking. The curls are a bit tighter than the last look but is needed with so much hair. She has all her length pulled to the side for a different look. There is very little pulled up but what is has been coiled into the hair for a unique look. The top portion had been curled into very loose waves and it is all pulled together once again without a strong headpiece or a veil.


  1. This look is much looser than the one before it but no less beautiful. They have created a lot of volume on top to produce the bump in the back. Everything about this look speaks for the volume created through curls and back teasing of the hair. The bangs are loose and frame her face nicely and once again there is no need to add a hairpiece as it is beautiful all on its own. A veil could be added to the bump easily but is not needed to complete the look.


  1. I absolutely love this Rapunzel inspired updo. It’s breathtaking to look at. The bride has all her hair pulled back so that the length falls beautifully down her back. Most of her hair has been left down but there are strategically placed tendrils that have been scoops up and pinned. But the look is so flawless that you can’t see where the updo actually starts. The clip in the back pulls everything together nicely and shows off the tendrils magnificently.


  1. This look is very reminiscent of what I would expect during a Christmas wedding. All the hair is pulled up into a bun in the back. She has a braid that circles the top of her head almost as if she were wearing a headband. Her loose bangs are swept to the side to complete the look. The bride has scattered red flowers with baby’s breath throughout to give a nostalgic effect. The red really pops and could be a great color combination for a fall or winter wedding.


  1. You will require a great deal of hair length to pull off this look. Even with it curled it falls well below her shoulders. The curls are large and full giving the impression that the bride has very thick hair. The look however could be achieved by using extensions. The top is very loose with very little curl to it at all. Some of the hair has been pulled into the sides but left really loose so you can’t really tell where the updo portion starts. She completes the look with a small amount of bling because she doesn’t really need it. It’s gorgeous all on its own.


  1. This is a stunning updo with all the hair pulled up and clipped into the back of the hair. It’s loose and wavy and very modern for today’s bride. The updo is pulled in for a well-designed look that is very stylish for an updo. She has added various jeweled clips throughout to bring a little color to the look so the curls don’t just get lost.


At this point you probably have a dozen new ideas to try out for you trial appointment. All these looks can be achieved on your own at home if you choose to not get a stylist. Just make sure you have plenty of practice before trying to make a go of it on your wedding day. If you do go to a stylist it’s good to have that trial appointment so that you know how the end result will look on you for your special day. Something can look nice in pictures but may not suit your hair texture or the framing of your face. So make sure you have lots of time to prepare before deciding on what your hair will look like for your wedding.

Whether you choose for your hair to be long and voluptuous or short and sleek make sure to choose your dress first so you know what kind of look you are trying to achieve first. The hairstyle you choose on your big day should complement the dress you choose to wear. One should go with the other. Choose a hairstyle that matches your dress but don’t have your hairstyle compete with your dress. You don’t want a huge dress on top of an overdone hairstyle, it will be too much together and will end up making you feel uncomfortable. Pair a simple hairstyle with an extravagant dress or have a sophisticated dress and go wild with your hair but don’t do both.

Your wedding day is the most amazing moment of your life and you want to look perfect. Do your research and pick something that not only makes sense for your look but that is also flexible. You may choose something before your trial and then change your mind at the stylist. You may still like the look but what to just change a portion of it. Don’t get stuck on just one thing. Try lots of different styles before you make a decision so that you know what you really want.

Enjoy this moment and congratulations on your big day!





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