81 Stunning White Hair Styles – Love It, Flaunt It


White hair may have been a sign of aging in decades past, but nowadays it is stylish and elegant. Think of Legolas and the beautiful men who played as Elves in the Lord of the Rings universe, but white and silver have become as radical and bad-ass as a flaming head of scarlet. But if you want to go chic and sophisticated with an icy beauty vibe, then go for the white hairstyles.

With a slew of hair color and hair care products that can help retain the soft and glossy looks, it’s a simple matter to go from brunette to Nordic white. Whether you want something short and pixieish that can go from bedroom to classroom in a heartbeat or boardroom to cocktails in a blink, we have all the beautiful white styles.

But if your hair is turning naturally white, then embrace your silver foxy self and go for broke and flaunt the look. Own the age and love the style.

Caring for White Hair Styles

Regardless of whether it’s a natural silver or edgy platinum, white hair needs a lot of care. Age can make hair more porous so it’s going to absorb more pollutants. Also, dyeing your hair icy white may take more care than a wash-and-wear hair dye.

1. Be committed

Cultivate a good relationship with your colorist, white hair, regardless of shade, nee touch-ups every four to six weeks. Keep your appointments unless you plan to go for the “dark hair roots” route.

2. Maintain hair health

Remember that you will be stripping your hair of color – completely, that means additional care for your hair. Stripping your hair strands can make your hair susceptible to dryness and breakage. It will be better to get your colorist’s opinion about whether your hair can stand bleaching.

3. Be prepared

Stripping your hair of all color means preparing before you even step foot in the salon. Hold off the shampoo for at least 2 to 3 days before you dye your hair. This will not only help keep your hair’s health, but will also make it easier for your hair strands to soak in the new color.

White Hair Looks for the Trendy You

Long Soft Waves in Nordic Blonde

Lush and captivating, the soft Waves cascading down bring a more feminine and romantic vibe to icy Nordic Blonde hair.

white hair

Foxy Ombre Silver Tresses

Edgy and trendy, silver hair gets a radical make-over with an ombre coloring highlighting the beautiful color. Long White hair becomes more glamorous with a subtle touch of romance.

Edgy Long and Layered Reverse Balayage  White Hair

If you want something more radical, go for uneven layers that give an edgier vibe. Notch up the biker chic vibe with contrasting colors.

Long White Hair Dip-Dyed to Charcoal Gray

Nothing really too extreme for long beautiful platinum blonde dip-dyed black at the edges. Stunning and gorgeous with just the right touch of radical edginess.

Spectacular Reverse Balayage Gray Hair

Gray hair becomes more captivating with a reverse balayage. Gray roots end with softer and warmer tones of blonde and dark gray.


Dark Roots with Pinkish Highlights

Take this charming style with dark hair roots at the crown. However, spice up your white hair with a pinkish hue that is sweetly cute and casual.

Stunning Shaved Asymmetrical Platinum Blonde

Set the edgy trend on fire with an asymmetrical shaved hair style in gorgeous platinum white. You can play up the biker chic or soften the look by messing up the longer side of hair. Regardless of what you want to play up, the style is captivating.

Messy One-Length in Beautiful Silver

Silver white hair can be so too striking so you can play up the fun vibe by opting for a messy hair style to soften the look. A simple comb-through will suffice whether it’s for the weekend or for work.

Seductive Sleek Straight Hair in a Side Part

A true seductive look with a side part that covers half the face makes this long sleek straight hair a partner in romantic endeavors. Keep it simple, but keep it sleek and chic.

Drop-dead Gorgeous in Glamorous Balayage

A complete stunner that can make you the belle of the ball. The beautiful balayage of colors make the ombre combination a true glamour look. 


Dramatic Half-Up Ponytail in Mixed Ombre

Play up the colors with this mix and match ombre color style for ulta-long hair. Jazz up the look with a romantic half-up that has become a runway rage over the years. Totally dramatic with just a little touch of the romantic and the gentle.

Eye-Catching Black and White in Messy Bun and Ponytail

A little more relaxed and casual rather than dramatic, the style is softened with a messy bun gathered high on the head. Complete the look in a casual ponytail.

Pretty Layered Long White Hair

The loose curls are left messy for a relaxed pretty look that totally complements the platinum color.

Classic Brush Up for Silver Gray Hair

A timeless look that is simple but classic – hair is brushed up and worn loose.

Ravishing Big Curls Worn Long and Loose

A truly seductive look that highlights the beautiful white color and adds the perfect glamour with big gentle curls. An inviting look that is both dramatic and alluring.

Dramatic Low Lights in Layered Curls

Gorgeous and trendy that will surely turn heads wherever you go – the low lights add drama and subtle depth while the gentle curls in a layered hair cut finish the red carpet look. A truly stunning style.

Knockout Glamour in Platinum with Dark Roots

Add flair to your style by going with real dark roots before going full-blown platinum. Complete the glamour queen style with big curls.

Hot Stunning White with Gray Ombre Highlights

Be fascinating with this ultra-beautiful style that combines a gray ombre highlight with dramatic blonde. Jazz up the look with golden mini hair cuffs and get totally styled up with simple but dramatic accessories.


Exquisite and Romantic Waves in Sombre Color

A gentle cascade of big but gentle waves for ultra long hair is pretty common. But with sombre coloring (think ombre but with subtlety), gorgeous white hair becomes exquisite and one-of-a-kind.

Pretty in Pink for Pixie Messy Long Hair

Say kawaii in this messy long hair worn daintily pretty with pink highlights.

Cute Bangs for a Layered Style

It has all the glamour of platinum blonde looks but short bangs make the look cute and sweet.

Alluring Asymmetrical Sleek Cut

Keep your hair white, sleek, and stunningly beautiful with this asymmetrical cut that completes the allure.

Romantic Messy Waves in Nordic White

There’s nothing chilly about this hair style that is both soft and relaxed. The gentle waves invite your special someone for a little cuddle time while you don’t need to spend hours to have the perfect look.

Dramatic Middle Part in Silver Gray

Sleek and chic are their own virtues, all you would need to do is keep the middle part all straightened up.

Dramatic White Hair in Blood Red Dip Dye

Go all-out drama with white hair worn long and loose in a sleek style. But what makes the look perfect for a drama queen? Dip dye in blood red.

Refreshing Long Silky Hair with Middle Part

Wear your gorgeous hair with a middle part with soft curls at the ends for a refreshing style.

Nordic Beauty in Chopped Off Edges

Edgy with radical chic, the style for this classic middle-length hair is perfect with chopped off edges.

Classic Pixie for a Timeless Look

A stylish cut for any age, the classic pixie becomes timeless. 

Ultra-Long hair with Beach Wave Edges

True blonde ambition becomes beautiful and charming with beach waves to finish the look.

Androgynous Classic Short Bob

A classic bob becomes all trendy and modern with dramatic white hair color.


Gorgeous Silver Gray Balayage in Messy Ponytail

Have fun but with stunning looks with this gorgeous balayage in silver gray. And you can amp the casual factor with a messy ponytail.

Stunning Stark White Wavy Hair

The gentles waves give a softer look to a stark white color that is stunning and absolutely gorgeous. The style is intrinsically dramatic, no need to add any kind of flair. A natural gorgeous look for you.

Silver Ombre in a Crown Braid

A beautiful halo in silver ombre braided in a crown is perfect and yet simple. Take the look from garden to weddings to a romantic dinner – it is a truly delightful style.

Edgy Shaved Mohawk

Dramatic white blonde hair becomes edgier with shaved side and a mohawk all turned up for punk rock chic style.

Ravishing Side Part for Long Layered Hair

White hair worn with silver highlights becomes ravishingly beautiful with a one-sided look. Get a deep side part and worn a bit messy for a romantic and soft look.

Long Textured for Nordic Blonde Hair

Gorgeous but easy to maintain style, keep a long textured hair style in dramatic fashion with Nordic blonde color.

Cute Bob with Bangs

Keep things sweet and cute with a classic bob framed with layered bangs.

Chopped Up Bangs for Edgy Middle Length Hair

Chopped edges paired up with short chopped bangs? A simple but edgy look. Comb your fingers over your hair for a messy finish.

Stylish White Highlights

A simple but pretty look.

Messy Soft Curls for All Ages

A young vibrant look…

…or a classic timeless beauty.

Stunning Layered Style with Soft Waves

A gorgeous look fit for anyone.

Beautiful and Romantic in White

A simple look filled with beauty.

All the Right Parts

Same style but with a side part on the left or a middle part on the right.

Beautiful Balayage for a Chic Look

A classic one-length style becomes trendy with a warm to white balayage coloring.

Stunning Undercut Balayage for Messy Textured Style

Spice up your middle length hair with a textured cut and then add flair with white to metal gray balayage under the cut.

Winsome and Pretty Long Hair with Soft Fringes

Frame your face with a soft fringe that turns dramatic silver white hair into pretty and dainty.

Messy Beach Waves with Dramatic Highlights

Stay beautifully casual with a head of messy beach waves. You will still have the glamour touch but without getting too prettied up. A great look for a relaxing weekend.

Middle Length Bob with Wave

Platinum hair is touched up with a hint of silver low lights. The classic middle length bob with a deep side part becomes all pretty and soft with a gentle wave.

Sleek Chic with Dip-Dyed Edges in Warm Blonde

If you don’t want to become completely Nordic blonde, get a dip-dyed look in warm golden blonde. You still all have the blonde fun but without going totally ice.

Classic Textured Cut in Stunning White

A timeless style that partners stunning Nordic blonde hair color with a simple textured cut.

Messy Textured and Chopped Bangs for Ultra White

Simple white long hair gives a relaxing vibe with chopped bangs that give a textured look.

Sleek Bob in Silver

Elegant and chic.

Perfectly Long Sleek Hair

A simple curled ends make it perfect.

Messy and Casual Middle Length Hair

Relax and enjoy the casual style.

Sassy Asymmetrical Bob with Soft Highlights

Trending since forever, an asymmetrical bob with textured bangs get a tad softer in style with warm highlights. But mind you, it’s all sophisticated and ageless.

Sweet Middle Length Hair in Warmer Highlights

Turn your icy platinum blonde hair a little bit warmer with a softer hue. Something sweet and easy for a relaxing day at home or at school and work.

Beautiful Gray Highlights for a Sleek Bob

A sleek bob becomes uber-sophisticated in Nordic white hair with gray highlights to soften the impact. The look has become a bit more dainty and sweet rather than icy.

Dramatic Black and White Diva

A great look for the Met, the opera or any party when you want to be the center of attention. A true queenly style with a middle part hair divvied up in contrasting black and white. Complete the diva style with alluring accessories and dramatic make-up.

Easy Messy Ponytail for a Textured Cut

Be casual in layers and enjoy some downtime by simply gathering up your hair in an easy messy ponytail. A great look for weekend fun and chill.

Trendy Short Bob in Cool White

A definite style for the younger crowd or for someone looking for a fresh look – a short bob with a forward slanting length.

Soft Curls in Platinum Blonde

Forget golden blonde when you can have a more striking style with gorgeous platinum blonde. The soft wavy curls cascading give a romantic appeal that can easily bring the inner bride in you.

Long Striking Hair in Soft Gray Balayage

Just a subtle touch of blue gray hair at the roots keep this long white hair simple but stunning in all the things that matter. Keep things sleek for a sophisticated touch.

Messy Layers in Cool Platinum

A cool stunner, platinum blonde becomes a little bit more edgy without losing its icy sophisticated vibe. Pair up your white hair with this messy layered cut with soft curls.

Chic Textured Short Bob with Blonde Highlights

Play up the foxy in you by spicing up your style with blonde highlights that give warmth and a fresh appeal. The short layered bob remains a classic cut that befits all ages.

Pretty White Hair in Blue Balayage

Chase the blues away with this pretty style for stark white hair. Soften the striking color with soft gentle curls.

Cute Chopped and Messy Layered Style

Something a little more casual that can easily go from waking up and smelling the roses to sophisticated cocktails. The gorgeous white Nordic white hair is simply stunning.


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