64 Sexy Wispy Bang Ideas That Will Change Your Whole Look


As the seasons change, we all get that feeling of needing a new change as well. We find ourselves looking in the mirror and thinking that we are just bored of our look. We’ve had it for a while now and it’s time for a change. We get it, ladies! You’re not alone and we’ve all felt that a time or two in our lives.

Wispy Bang

Wispy Bangs

Wispy Bangs

Wispy Bangs

There are very simple things that you can do to your hair that will really change your look. One of those things is bangs. It’s a simple change and yet it creates a totally different look. You don’t have to completely revamp your look or cut your hair super short, sometimes all you need is bangs.

Wispy bangs are a great style trend right now because they aren’t overdone or extreme. It’s a simple change that will instantly give you a whole new look. All you need is a little mini makeover to feel like a fresh new you.

What Wispy Bangs Are Right For You

You might be thinking to yourself, “Aren’t there just one kind?” You might be surprised to know that there are different types of wispy bangs out there. Some types will suit some people while others won’t. There are many different types and you are sure to find the right kind that will suit your face. We have scoured the internet for plenty of ideas for you to look through.

Check out 64 Sexy Wispy Bang Ideas That Will Change Your Whole Look:

  1. A Simple Change

Sometimes that’s all we need to feel amazing. These wispy bangs are a simple style.

2. A Thicker Style

Taylor Swift’s wispy bangs are a little fuller and that’s really going to depend on your hair type.

3. A Side Sweep

Not all bangs are created equal and these bangs are fuller and styled to the side.

4. Fun and Flirty

There is just something about a wispy bang that feels fun and flirty.

5. Gossip Girl Style

This Upper eats Sider has wispy bangs that are a little more choppy.

Wispy Bang


6. A Messy Style

A great style that is not polished or composed.

7. Edgy Styles

Between the color and the style, this is a solid, edgy look.

8. A Huge Difference

Here are two sets of wispy bangs and you can tell that they are very difference. Choose the style that suits you most.

9. A Southern Look

Reese Witherspoon has been rocking the wispy bangs for quite some time now and she looks great with them.

10. Celebrity Styles

Another great example of thicker hair creating thicker bangs.

11. Off to the Side

A great wispy bang that is styled off to the side.

12. Adding Highlights

These bangs are really amazing because of the shine. They added highlights to them to create dimension in the style.

13. Messy Styles

The messy look is always in style.

14. Shorter Styles

These bangs are shorter than most which make them look even wispier.

15. Gorgeous Styles

Jennifer Lawrence looks amazing with wispy bangs.

16. Choppy Styles

These bangs are choppy and styled off to the side. We love the style and the color. The whole look might be something you want to try out.

17. A Wavy Look

These bangs are styled with a touch of wave. It’s a style that suits her face and doesn’t overpower her look.

18. A Classic Style

These bangs are cut straight across and they are meant to be a classic and polished style. This is a style that we can definitely see on the red carpet or the runway one day. 

19. A Different Shade

Make your bangs a different shade to really change up your look. Adding different colors to your bangs as dimension so that they don’t look flat. That alone can give you a completely different look.

20. The Gomez Style

Selena Gomez has always been on top of things when it comes to style. So you can’t go wrong by mimicking her wispy bangs.

21. Standard Bang

If you’re not looking for a big change, then this simple style will suit you. Simple is okay like we stated before, just the act of getting bangs will change your look completely.

22. Long Bangs

You won’t find bangs more flighty than these ones; they are barely even there. It has a lot to do with the texture of her hair which is very fine.

23. A Straight Style

These bangs are meant to be a sophisticated style. If you are looking for a classy style, then this is the one for you.

24. Bold Styles

A classic look that never goes out of style. We love these simple styles because they can be worn anywhere. We love it.

25. Shady Styles

You can practically hide within these thick bangs.

26. Rock Star Style

The bangs are incredible with this volumizing rock star style.

27. Curly Style

If you have natural curls, that doesn’t mean you still can’t have bangs.

28. An Updo

Bangs always look great in an updo. Imagine yourself being Audrey Hepburn.

29. Sexy Styles

These bangs are great if you are looking for a little extra sex appeal.

30. Redheaded Styles

This is a fresh style that anyone would love.

31. Small Bangs

These bags are only a small portion they don’t even go the full length of her forehead.

32. Bold Styling

This is a great style for anyone looking for a bold new look.

33. Disney Styles

This is a great example of what your bangs would look like if you have thin hair.

34. Soft Styles

Wispy bangs are great if you are looking for a soft look.

35. Red Carpet Look

Rachel McAdams is always rocking bangs in one form or another. Copy all her great looks.

36. Long Lengths

Choose a bang that is longer and falls closer to your eye for a different look.

37. Darkening Style

A great bang look that is bold and dark.

38. Curly Elements

These sexy bangs go great with her curly hair.

39. Casual Styles

If you are into the casual look, then you can’t go wrong with these bangs.

40. Make a Bun

We love how these wispy bangs look with a bun.


41. Gorgeous New Styles

A wispy bang doesn’t need to be straight across, push them off to the side for a fun look.

42. Extra Volume

These long bangs are extra sexy because of all the volume going on with the complete style.

43. Simple Styling

Another simple style that you are sure to love.

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44. Flighty Styles

Flighty bangs aren’t meant to stay in one place.

45. Rock Style Looks

This singer knows all about creating an awesome rock star look.

46. A Mess of Hair

We love this thick look because it is wild and untamed.

47. Modeling Styles

You will feel like a model with this amazing style.

48. Polished Styles

Again we have Reese Witherspoon rocking out her bangs, but this time they are styled to the side. Gorgeous!

49. A Fresh Look

A fresh new style doesn’t have to be overdone.

50. Messy and Pretty

Not everyone wants a polished look and these bangs are great for a night out on the town.

51. Celebrity Mess

Reese Witherspoon has taken her style and messed it up a little bit. We love her new look.

52. Stringy Style

There are many ways of having the wispy bang and no one said you always had to look put together.

53. Cruz Style

Here is Cruz again showing off another messy look for the red carpet.

54. Side Bangs

Here’s a great example of how bangs look with short styles. These ones are styled to the side and they look great.

55. A Model Style

This model is showing you just how put together a wispy bang can look.

56. A Side View

We adore a wispy bang look and we get to see it from another angle.

57. Classically Style

This is a great classic style that you can wear to any event.

58. Choppy Bangs

These bangs are a few different lengths which give you an edgier vibe to your bangs. You will love them either way.

59. Shorter Styles

These bangs are much shorter than all the rest, but it gives you a completely different look. If you want something cool looking for this season, then try out this fresh style.

60. The Golden Girl

Another example of bangs that are long and messy. It’s a casual look for every day.

61. Standard Looks

This is another classic look that can be worn anywhere. It’s simple and will be easy to style.

62. Golden Styles

We know that Rachel McAdams looks amazing with bangs and she always knows how to pull off a red carpet style. She always looks incredible no matter what she does.

63. A Sweet Style

If you are a fan of the girl next door look, then you are sure to love this style. It’s fresh and simple and yet there is an air of innocence and charm to it as well.

64. Edgy Styling

The bangs here are edgier and again it all depends on the style that you want. You have to choose something that will suit you.


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