83 Awesome Women’s Undercut Styles That Will Blow You Away


These styles have been growing in popularity over the years. Who needs to get a real head tattoo when you can just use your hair to tattoo a design?  Some of these styles can be peek-a-boo looks that can be hidden while others are meant to shine. It’s a great way to show off your original style to the world and you will have a lot of fun doing it.

Just make sure that you are working with a talented hairstylist because if they don’t know what they are doing, you can end up with a pretty awful design shaved into your hair. Then you would have to wait until it grew out.

The best part of the undercut style is that all you have to do is wait until it grows out, then you can go get another design done. You could have a new design every few months if you really wanted to. We have many different style options for you to choose from.

Check out these 83 Awesome Women’s Undercut Styles That Will Blow You Away:

  1. Line Styles

Adding lines is actually a pretty popular style.

2. Floral Designs

This is another great style that can be hidden away if you want to. Pull your hair up into a ponytail when you want to show it off.

3. Casual Styles

This undercut has no design to it, it’s just casual.

4. Simple Styles

This shaved side just gives a little bit of edge to this glamorous style.

5. Hot Styles

This pink Mohawk is showing off all kinds of gorgeous designs.

6. Punk Styles

A great style that you are sure to love because of the punk style.

7. Edgy Looks

If you are looking for a real badass style, then this is the one for you.

8. Dramatic Looks

We love the amazing contrast in colors with this shaved style.

9. Short and Shocking

This glamorous style is going to make you feel like a rockstar. We love it.

10. Mohawk Styles

Mohawk styles have been around for a very long time. It’s one of the most popular undercut styles out there.

11. Shading Styles

This undercut style has two different level of a shave. It’s a very unique look.

12. Backward Braids

Backward braids are the perfect style to showcase an undercut like this one. Stunning!

13. Peek-A-Boo Styles

This is a very simple style that you can hide whenever you want to.

14. Hot New Looks

Between the hot colors and the undercut, you have one edgy style.

15. Creative Colors

This is a gorgeous style and we love how each shaved section is a different color. We get to see it from every angle and it becomes even more beautiful.

16. Rock Star Style

This slicked back style shows off an amazing undercut.

17. Icy Cool Vibes

A great style that has all the edginess that you need.

18. Cool Styles

We love these gorgeous styles because they are truly one of a kind.

19. Curly Styles

Mohawks always look amazing with curly hair. We can’t get enough of them.

20. Shocking Blue

A shade like this is all you will need to turn heads wherever you go. We love everything about this style from the braid to the Mohawk to the undercut.

21. Stunning Blue

With bright blues and a cool undercut, what more could you want from a style?

22. Short Styles

This look isn’t as dramatic as the rest of them. It’s a great style that is sure to make your whole look pop.

23. Small Braids

Not only do we have braids but we also have a shaved side. This style would be really cool to have this summer.

24. Multi-colored Styles

This awesome style has so many amazing colors in the Mohawk. We love the shaved sides they just complete the whole amazing look.

25. Bold Styles

A gorgeous new look that is sure to please you no matter where you go.

26. Blue Designs

This great style is blue all over. It’s shaved on the sides and it has a stunning Mohawk.

27. Pixie Styles

This Mohawk style is short like a pixie cut. It’s a very unusual look that you are sure to love.

28. Celebrity Style

This is less like an undercut and more of just a really short cut in the back. But Kristen Stewart pulls off the look flawlessly.

29. Diamond Styles

There are literally thousands of designs that you can have shaved into your head.

30. Cool New Designs

This is another great example of what you could have as a design. This again is a style that can be easily hidden.

31. Warrior Styles

We could definitely see this actress in a Vikings movie with this hairstyle. It’s both badass and sexy.

32. Short Shave

This hairstyle is almost shaved to the skin.

33. Sporty Styles

Another example of a very short style that has the underneath shaved all the way around the head.

34. Green Styles

A bold look that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

35. Criss-cross Styles

This stunning design is one that you can wear anywhere and you are sure to get compliments all night long.

36. Cool and Icy

The color here is pretty amazing and we can’t help but think that this style is pretty cool.

37. Lovato Love

Demi Lovato is a class act and she’s sporty a very edgy look in this photo.

38. Curly Top

This is a very curly top with shaved sides.

39. Creative Designs

This is the kind of look that you can be proud of. It’s stylish and has a very bold shave.

40. Long Styles

It doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short, you can still pull off an undercut.

41. Extreme Styles

If you are looking for a style that is going to draw the eye, then you can’t go wrong with this extreme hairstyle.

42. Bouncy Curls

Another great example of a shaved side with plenty of volume.

43. Small Spots

If you are nervous about shaving your head, try out a small area first and see how you like it.

44. Striking Looks

A great style that Miley Cyrus has been rocking for years.

45. Stylish Waves

We can’t help but love these amazing styles.

46. A Splash of Red

This flower design is truly amazing and one that will have everyone talking. It’s a beautiful style that is so eye-catching.

47. To The Skin

The closer the shave comes to the scalp, the more dramatic your style is going to look. When it’s right to the skin like this one, it provides a very edgy style.

48. Fashionable Looks

Another great example of a shaved style.

49. Sexy Styles

This backward braid is showing off a pretty exceptional shaved design.

50. Cute Styles

Another great style that you are sure to love no matter where you go. This is yet another shaved style that can be hidden.

51. Bold Designs

A great design that you are sure to love wherever you go.

52. Bold Pink

How fun is this watermelon design?

53. A Touchy Shave

There is barely a shave involved here, but it still provides a great look.

54. Pink Love

You are sure to love this style because it’s special and unique.

55. Spiky Styles

If you are looking for a really edgy look, then you can’t go wrong with this style.

56. Heart Shaped Styles

A great style that is truly unique and pretty.

57. Intricate Designs

These designs always look so cool and fresh.

58. Bold Shave

Another example of going all the way with your shaved style.

59. Dreamcatcher

Now if you want something truly unique, then you can go all out and get an amazing design like this one shaved into your hair.

60. Ruby Rose Style

Ruby Rose always has an undercut shave and it’s usually always different every time that we see her.

61. An Arrow

A great arrow design that you are sure to love regardless of where you go.

62. Subtle Shaves

Shaves like this are always subtle and sexy.

63. Bold Colors

This stacked shave is a rainbow of colors. We love the bold purple of the rest of the hairstyle as well.

64. High Styles

Undercut styles don’t normally go over the crown of the head, but in this case, it does. It offers a very different look for you.

65. Celebrity Edginess

She’s another celebrity that has been rocking this style for awhile. She has been sporting the purple with her shaved side for some time now.

66. Creative Styles

This is a very different look that offers you a completely different style. We love that the shaved sides are so high.

67. White Hot

Miley Cyrus loves these shaved styles and these days she is the Queen of edgy looks. In this case, everything is bleached white. If you want an edgy style, then you can’t go wrong copying her look.

68. Geometric Styles

Another great style that has a cool geometric shape in the back. This is another style that can remain your secret if you want it to. We could be wrong but it sort of looks like a fox in the back of her head and we think that’s pretty cool.

69. Rock Star Style

How can you not feel like a rock star with this style? Between the colors and the shave,d it’s one of the edgiest styles. If you want a bold new look this summer, then you just found it.

70. Large Flowers

This flower design is much larger than the other ones that we have seen here. If you are looking for a beautiful style, then you found it here.

71. Longer Looks

This hairstyle combines a super long look with an undercut. We love the contrast between her really long hair and the shaved part underneath. It looks very cool when it’s in a ponytail and you still have the option of covering it if you want to by leaving the hair down.

72. Subtle New Looks

You can try an undercut style without being overly dramatic. It all depends on your personality. Some people love the wild colors and amazing designs. While others just want a bit of edge to their style like in this photo.

73. Round Cuts

The cut is edgy and so is the undercut. We can’t help but love these amazing styles. The cut of the bang totally suits an undercut like this one.

74. Hot Colored Shades

If you want a look that is going to wow the crowd then look no further than this style. The colors of the mohawk match the shaved sections in the head. These are some pretty amazing colors involved with this hairstyle.

75. Red Styles

A darker style that has a red top and a dark side. It’s a simple shaved design, but it sure makes the look pop.

76. Tight Braids

This gorgeous shave has an amazing style to it. The shave itself is quite short and it incorporates an amazing braid into the look.

77. Sweet Styles

Another example of a shaved style that is quite high on the head. These Mohawk styles are sure to bring a smile to your face.

78. Gorgeous Styles

We can’t help but love this amazing style. We once again have the backward braid that is great for showcasing these shaved designs. The design itself is pretty amazing and it goes to show just how great you can make your undercut.

79. Double Arrows

A very simple style that you are sure to love.

80. Cute Looks

Another cute look that you are sure to love all summer long.

81. The Complete Shave

If you are really feeling brave, you can do a low undercut all over your head. The hair isn’t shaved to the scalp, but it’s pretty short. With this style, they created something really beautiful in the back of her head. She clearly has no interest in hiding her style from anyone.

82. Fun Styles

This shaved design is very beautiful and it’s bigger than most. We can’t help but love the style. Her hair is long and filled with edgy colors. It’s a style that she hides when she wants to.

83. Sexy New Styles

A sexy style that will blow the crowd away when you’re at an event.


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