29 Cozy and Cute Yarn Braid Ideas


If you are looking for a new hairstyle and one that is low maintenance, then you are sure to love the yarn braids. They are a different style of braiding but one that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Braided hair can be rocked in so many different ways, that’s what’s so awesome about it. The yarn braids are a new breed of braid and you are going to love how the artificial braids link wonderfully with your natural.

Hairstyle Ideas for Yarn Braids

The great thing about yarn braids is that you can try a few colors at a time. You can opt to try just one shade or you can have every color under the rainbow. If you want some extra boost to your life, then you must try yarn braids.

Below are 29 Cozy and Cute Yarn Braid Ideas:

  1. Red Designs

Who doesn’t love a redhead? We all do because the colors are incredible. We also love how long her yarn braids are. If you are looking for a longer style then you should give this a try.

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2. Rainbow Colors

These rainbow braids are truly remarkable. If you want shades of color all over your head then this is the style for you. Bold color choices are always best.

3. Lots of Volume

A great style that gives your hair the boost that it needs. A simple short style that anyone would love!

4. Art Work

Do you see the amazing creations you can have with yarn braids? The style, the color, everything about this is amazing. We love how long it is and the monochromatic colors involved.

5. Snow Coloring

These yarn braids are smaller to give a different type of look. We just love the frost like color that is involved here.

6. Blue Designs

Is blue your favorite color? If so, then you are sure to love these gorgeous yarn braids. You can actually really see the yarn texture to these braids and she’s added other colors in as well.

7. Thicker Braids

Yarn braids come in any color or size. The sky is the limit for the choices that you have. These thick braids really make for a unique style. These are just great.

8. Gray Braids

We are in love with these braids, they are mostly gray with a few shocks of color inside. We love the rainbow shades that we see here, they are magical.

9. Bursts of Color

We are in love with these colors. The great thing about yarn braids is that you can be as creative as you want to be. you can show your personality off as much as you want. Stick with one color or try all of them. Show your personality with these yarn braids. There are so many different colors here that we love so much.

10. Simple Styles

No one said that you have to go crazy. If you want a simple style then stick to black and style it without a fuss. If you want just a little bit of color then put it underneath like in this photo, where the yellow and red peeks through. The bright colors really look great with the contrast to black.

11. Black Designs

Sticking to one shade is alright too. There is no need for flare if you want to keep things casual. We love how part of it is pulled up in this partial updo. We just love it.

12. Tight Styles

These tight styles create a whole new braided look. Decide what kind of style that you want and then run with it. We love all the different styles available for yarn braids.

13. Circular Designs

This updo is all about style and elegance. If you have an event coming up then why not try this style on for size. It’s simple and yet it has a perfect sense of style that will have people giving you compliments all night long.

14. Purple Love

We are just in love with this purple style, especially with the peeks of blue throughout it. It’s a shorter style which lets you know that any length works with the yarn braids. A great stye that anyone would love, especially if you are big on colors.

15. Green with Envy

A few thick braids are all she needs to create this badass style. There are multiple shades of green throughout the style and it’s an eye-catching style. We love this more than you realize so it’s one to try out for sure.

16. Flaming Colors

This style is very fiery because of the colors. With yellows, reds, and oranges, you are going to feel like you are walking on sunshine. We love these tight styles because they have a lot of character to them. Gorgeous!

17. Dreadlocks

If you love the look of dreadlocks, it’s very easy to incorporate yarn braids into that style. The two work well together and complement one another. Look how great a splash of color goes with these dreadlocks.

18. High Top

We just love how long these braids are! They seem to go on forever. She has taken part of the hair and styled it high on top, creating an amazing style that shows off her shaved sides.

19. Just a Few

She has a standard braided look with just a few of the yarn braids inside to give her some color. If you are just looking for a small change in your style then this is the way to do it.

20. Tightly Wound

If you are looking for a new style for your next fancy get together then this is an updo that you will want to try. There is a lot of hair here, and it’s all piled on high. We love styles like this because although it looks like alot, it’s actually very low maintenance.

21. Bright Pink

This look is red hot because she has various shades of pink and they are all pretty awesome. The deep shade of pink gives a great contrast to the bright and light pink shade. I love how the light pink shade just pops off the picture. If you want a badass style that is sure to turn heads this season then this is the look for you.

22. Middle Length Styles

We love this simple style and you will too. If you are looking to add some length to your style then try something that is going to end up in the middle of your back. We love this style because it’s simple and yet it’s still a great low-maintenance style that you can wear for months on end.

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23. Bright Blue

We love blue and you will too with this shockingly bright shade. You can have it stand alone or you can add some other colors underneath like she has. The lighter shades of green and blue really stand out with such a deep blue color.

24. Pink Designs

Seriously, who doesn’t love pink? It’s a great color to add in when you want to make your look pop. This neon pink color is a great way to boost color. She has golds, beiges, and blacks in there as well. All in all, she has color choices that compliment each other.

25. Pastel Choices

This girl is all about the rainbow colors and even her dog is following suit as well. The two look picture perfect together. She has chosen pastel shades fro her rainbow color and we have to say, the look has never looked prettier. This girl knows how to rock style, she is one top of the latest trends when it comes to fashion and hair.

26. Icy Shades

These gorgeous yarn braids are in a multiple of shades. We love the icy white involved but she also has gray, blue and black in there as well. If you want to mix up your colors then this is a great way to do it. The white coloring really looks bright out in the sunshine. 

27. Neutral Shades

If you want to keep things simple then why not try out some neutral shades. This is a great look because it can be worn anywhere. Whether it’s an event or a casual outing, you are sure to love this style. Long lengths are always gorgeous, you will love this one.

28. Dark Green

A medium length shade that is quite eye-catching. This style is unique because of the color. If you want a style that isn’t very long then you are sure to love this one. A gorgeous shade with some cool style and you are all set.

29. Crystal Blue

This is one of the prettiest blue colors out there. It practically sparkles, it’s just so gorgeous. If you love blue and want to try a whole new shade out then you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous shade. We love that it’s long and we love that she has paired this gorgeous blue with some navy blue braids as well. If you ever want to try yarn braids out then you must try out this style.


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